Yankees ’17 Game 106 – The offense disappeared in this 2-0 loss

August 2, 2017

What a frustrating game. Two rain delays. Great pitching. Awful offense. Turn the page. Forget about it. But for now I recap it and rant about it...also some good news regarding Hicks and Bird. 


Yankees ’17 Game 105 – Yankees drop this one 4-3 against the Tigers

August 1, 2017

This the kind of game you try to forget and we probably will. Not much effort from the offense as they fall flat again and drop this one 4-3. CC struggled but was able to give them 6 innings. The bullpen was dominating. Didi had a great game with 3 RBIs...the only 3 runs the Yankees scored. 


Yankees ’17 Game 104 – It is Sonny in NY and the Yankees win it 7-3

July 31, 2017

Pinstripes Recap is back!

The Yankees acquired many players while we were gone. Including strengthening the bullpen, strengthening the starting rotation (hello Gray!) and taking back first place of the AL East. 

Today they won 7-3 even though Severino was only able to give the Yankees 5 innings. Headley has been clutch and hot, and Judge got his 34th homer of the season. 


Yankees vs Brewers Weekend Series Recap – Yankees drop the last series of the first half

July 9, 2017

A brutal final stretch to the first half of the season comes to an end as the Yankees drop 2 out of 3 to the Brewers, at home. The first one was a brutal 9-4 loss. Thankfully Clint Frazier saved the Yankees with a 3 run walk of homer on Saturday to win it 5-3 and then the Yankees drop the last one 5-3. 


Yankees ’17 Game 83 – My biggest rant of the season as Betances and Pineda blow it again

July 5, 2017

Once again, the bullpen can't keep a lead. Allowing the opposition to take the lead, without them hitting a single hit, is very frustrating. I rant A LOT in this one, as the Yankees drop the last one of a three game set against the Blue Jays, 7-6. 


Yankees ’17 Game 82 – CC not quite right just yet and injury news

July 4, 2017

CC was back on the mound for the Yankees on this one but wasn't able to last more than 3 innings. Unfortunately he allowed 4 runs in the third and that is all the Blue Jays needed to win this one 4-1. Aaron Judge had a solo shot which resulted in the only run for the Yankees. 


Yankees ’17 Game 81 – Yankees win 6-3 at the halfway mark of the season

July 3, 2017

Tanaka had another great start for the Yankees, going 7 solid innings allowing just one run. The Yankees were able to put 6 runs on the board to help their ace win this one, 6-3.

Chapman, however, struggled once again. And a few announcements about the All Star game and the homerun derby. 


Yankees vs Astros Weekend Series Recap – Frazier debut, but Yanks drop 2 out of 3

July 3, 2017

Friday's game was amazing. The Yankees dominated in every sense of the word and won 13-4. Unfortunately, another bullpen meltdown on Saturday, this time from Betances, made the Yankees lose 7-6. Then on Sunday it was all Astros, as they won that one 8-1.

Clint Frazier got his first double and first homerun though! 


Yankees ’17 Game 76 – Baby Bombers carry the team to a 12-3 victory

June 29, 2017

After a heartbreaking loss on Tuesday night, the Yankees showed no mercy on Wednesday as they won 12-3. Tanaka had a quality start, Andujar drove in 4 runs in his first game, Wade had his first MLB hit and of course...Judge hit another homerun! His 27th of the season. Fun game all around. 


Yankees ’17 Game 74 – Montgomery does it again as the Yankees win 6-5

June 27, 2017

Montgomery gave the Yankees a VERY solid outing. Pitching 7 innings, with 8 strikeouts and allowing just 1 run in that span. The bullpen was a little shaky as Betances and Chapman were still needed in a game that was 6-1 in favor of the Yankees in the 8th. But the Yankees were able to pull ahead and win this one 6-5.